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MealSeal™ - Save Money & Food

MealSeal™ - Save Money & Food

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Seal In The Freshness!

Finally, a way to keep your meet or leftovers fresh for months! Our food vacuum sealer keeps food fresh up to 10x longer, compared to ordinary storage methods and resists freezer burn to help you waste less and stretch your food dollar further.

10x The Shelf Life 

We created the only vacuum sealer that can preserve any type of meat for months. Be it brisket, minced beef or even fish – MealSeal has you covered. If stored properly, MealSeal will keep your food fresh 10x longer than ordinary storage methods.

Super Easy To Use

Proper vacuum sealing used to be a time-consuming process… Now, you just have to press one button. MealSeal will suck out the air from our special storage bags in just a few seconds and you’re good to go!

Save $1000 A Year

The average American household wastes more than $1000 a year on food gone bad… That’s $80 a month down the drain. You can save that with a one-time investment into MealSeal.

How To Use

Using a vacuum sealer at home has never been easier...

1. Fill one of the storage bags included with the food you want to preserve.

2. Close the airtight zip.

3. Place MealSeal on the air valve and press the button on top of the device.

That's it! MealSeal will suck out the air in a few seconds and your food is good to go.

What's Included

The package includes everything you need to start sealing right away!

1x MealSeal vacuum sealer

5x 9"x9" storage bags

1x USB-C charging cable

1x Instruction manual

Shipping Times

Your order will be processed on the same day and shipped as soon as possible.

Your package will arrive within 3-5 days.

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Whopping 3-Year Guarantee

MealSeal™ began as a passion project. We use our product ourselves every day and absolutely love it – and are certain you will too. If for any reason you don’t
like SealMeal we’ll issue you a full refund. No questions asked!


How many storage bags are included?

We included 5 9"9" storage bags, with average use in mind.

If you require more bags, you can purchase additional ones on our website.

How do I open the bag?

To open a storage bag, simply gently pull the zip on the sides.

The bags are 100% reusable and you can seal them again afterwards.

Are the bags reusable?

Yes, out storage bags are 100% reusable. You just have to dry them after washing and they are ready to use again!

Is it difficult to use?

No, we designed MealSeal to be as easy and fast to use as possible.

Just have a look at the instruction manual included or the "How To Use" section on this page.

How long will SealMeal last?

We created a product that is an investment into your kitchen.

MealSeal will help you preserve food for many years and comes with a strong 3-Year Guarantee.