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BreezeFan™ - Beat The Heat

BreezeFan™ - Beat The Heat

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1x Fan

1x USB-C Charging Cable

1x Manual

Beat the Heat at Home

Finally, a way to cool your room in a few seconds – without expensive air conditioning.

Actually Cools the Air

Why are regular fans bad at cooling? They only push the air around, without actually lowering the temperature. BreezeFan spreads a cold mist through the air, immediately absorbing the heat and offering relief. 

Immediate Relief

Fill it with ice, press a button and beat the heat. It’s a simple and fast way to make summer time enjoyable again.

Take It Anywhere

Want to go out and hang out with your friends? Or enjoy the weather, go outside? Fortunately for you, BreezeFan is fully portable. Equipped with a battery that lasts hours, take the refreshing mist on the go.

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Whopping 2-Year Guarantee

We think you’re going to love your BreezeFan! But if you aren’t completely satisfied with anything, you can return or exchange the item(s) within 2 years of purchase.


How long does the battery last?

BreezeFan is equipped with a powerful battery that will last 4-9 hours, depending on the speed level it is set to

What makes BreezeFan better than a regular fan?

Regular fans don't cool the air. They just push it around and offer little relief on hot days.

BreezeFan sprays a cold mist that actually absorbs the heat. It immediately lowers the temperature and cools you down.

How often do I have to refill it?

Despite it's small size, BreezeFan can hold enough water to last 3-6 hours, depending on the speed and the temperature outside.

Does the fan need to be plugged in?

No! Our fan is fully portable and equipped with a powerful battery that lasts many hours.

Is the fan noisy?

No, BreezeFan is designed to be as quiet as possible. When running at night, it will not disturb your sleep.

Can you adjust the fan speed?

Of course! BreezeFan comes with three different speed levels and a switch for the ice mist.